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Welcome to

Fourth Trimester collective

Here, aspiring, expecting, and new mothers find support and connection through an interactive calendar and online provider guide. We offer verified listings of a variety of wellness providers who are experts in their field and in treating women in this phase of life.

What started from a deep feeling of disconnect of community and identity in motherhood, grew to a hopeful day dream, and landed in a realized concept of connection and support in all aspects of mama wellness.


ABOUT fourth trimester collective

Fourth Trimester Collective is a community of aspiring, to-be, and current mamas who seek to nurture themselves during their fourth trimester through meaningful connection with other mamas, as well as the support of local, woman centered providers. We gather and organize the information you seek, and put it at your fingertips, to help minimize barriers to support and connection during a time where exhaustion runs high and questions are abundant. Through our calendar and provider guide, we hope you find the resources and connections that allow you to feel supported during your fourth trimester.

Welcome to this wonderful wellness collective, we are so happy you are here.

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fourth trimester collective

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